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7Nutrition CHOCO Protein Polish Milk Chocolate 65g

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7Nutrition Protein Polish Milk Chocolate


7NUTRITION milk chocolate is a real treat for people working on their shape who need a moment of sweet oblivion sometimes… Extraordinary taste, diversity that you need and ingredients to support muscular growth in one.


Protein Chocolate Milk Choclate – diet supplementation and support that you need

Living in a hurry and running short of time? Temptation of some sweet pleasure? Or simply some circumstances in which you can’t have a normal meal on time? Anything is possible but it’s important to always be ready – as the saying goes: forewarned is forearmed.


Of course, nothing can replace a balanced meal yet some diversity and/or alternative in unfavourable circumstances will always be more than advisable. 7NUTRITION Protein Chocolate with optimally balanced proportions of proteins, carbohydrates and fats can be one in this case. Working muscles need some building components and energy to work.


For this reason, WPC, being the optimal source of protein with a short digestion and absorption time, is one of the ingredients. A relatively high biological value and content of amino acids that will nourish the muscles, protect them against loss and create the right conditions for their growth.


Protein Chocolate also provides a great energy boost and support for regenerative and anabolic processes. It is good to be aware that insulin triggered by the consumption of carbohydrates promotes muscle development under appropriate conditions.


On the other hand, not only sugars are important when it comes to energy, and our insulin sensitivity can be rather low. Here is where MCT oil comes in – a dose of energy that can be delivered in a short time and, according to research, has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the sensitivity of tissues to insulin. Apart from the fact that it increases the calorific value of the diet and is a great carrier of fat-soluble vitamins, it does not turn into adipose tissue thanks to the content of medium-chain fatty acids.


7Nutrition Protein Chocolate. Milk Chocolate. Contains a sweetener and naturally occurring sugars.



Voedingswaarde Per 65 g Per 100g *(RI)
Energie 1355 kJ / 324 kcal 2085 kJ / 499 kcal 25 %
Vet 18,2 g 28 g 40 %
    Verzadigd vet 0,17 g 17 g 85 %
Koolhydraat 24 g 37 g 14 %
    Waarvan suikers 4,3 g 6,7 g 7,5 %
waarvan polyolen 20 g 31 g
Vezel 1 g 1,5 g 6 %
Eiwit 16 g 24 g 48,5 %
Zout 0,14 g 0,23 g 4 %

* Referentie-inname (RI) van een gemiddelde volwassene (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).

INGREDINTEN: melkchocolade (zoetstof: maltitol, cacaoboter, volle melkpoeder, emulgator: sojalecithine, natuurlijk vanillearoma), vanillearoma WPC 24% (wei-eiwitconcentraat (uit melk), emulgator: sojalecithine, aroma’s), MCT-olie . Cacaobestanddelen: minimaal 35,4%.

WAARSCHUWINGEN: Het product kan allergenen bevatten zoals: melk, soja, tarwe, gerst, eieren, pinda’s en noten.

OPSLAG: Bewaren op een droge plaats bij kamertemperatuur. Uit de buurt van direct zonlicht houden.

OPMERKING: Overmatige consumptie kan een laxerend effect hebben.