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Olimp Protein Cream 300 G

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  • Delicious taste combining hazelnuts and cocoa
  • Delicious addition to healthy snacks, dishes, desserts, pastries, protein shakes
  • No added sugar* and palm oil!
  • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass (protein)


Delectable combination of hazelnut and cocoa flavor. Ideal, creamy texture. Zero added sugar1 and palm oil. Olimp Sport Nutrition presents a new, long-awaited product – Olimp Protein Cream!

Olimp Protein Cream is a perfect addition to healthy desserts and all kinds of salty, sweet and even spicy dishes! It is a perfect spread for your sandwiches or morning protein pancakes (eg Olimp HI Pro Pancakes). Try adding it to protein shakes, which you often drink after workout, for a tasty and nutritive boost.

The composition of Olimp Protein Cream is based on whey proteins concentrate, roasted nuts and cocoa! This product was created by experienced scientists, from Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company, in the modern Research and Development Center. It allows you to provide the body with basic nutrients every day, including valuable protein, that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and dietary fiber.

Do you follow a healthy diet? Do you like delicious additions that can “boost” taste of your favorite dishes or snacks? Olimp Protein Cream is exactly what you are looking for! It is an ideal option recommended for people who want to limit their daily sugar consumption. No matter if you are a professional athlete, casual gym-goer or healthy lifestyle enthusiast looking for an alternative source of energy2Olimp Protein Cream is perfect for you.

With Olimp Protein Cream your diet will not be boring and monotonous! Not convinced? Try Olimp Protein Cream!

  • Delicious taste combining hazelnuts and cocoa!
  • Perfect, creamy texture – spreads like butter!
  • No added sugar* and palm oil
  • 16 g of protein per 100 g of product!
  • Contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass (protein)
  • Great source of dietary fiber3!
  • Delicious addition to healthy snacks, dishes, desserts, pastries, protein shakes


Olimp Protein Cream is perfect for anyone who cares about a diet and eats healthily. Great for athletes who want to diversify their diet and, above all, limit sugar consumption every day.


Adjust the usage to your individual needs.Delamination of the product is a natural process. Mix before consumption. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature not exceeding 18°C. Once opened consume within 3 weeks.

*contains naturally occurring sugars.



Nutrition declaration

per 100 g


2121 kJ/ 511 kcal


of which saturates

36 g

8,6 g


of which sugars

of which polyols

43 g

5 g

34 g


3,1 g


16 g


0,35 g

Olimp Protein Cream. Cream based on whey protein concentrate, roasted hazelnuts and cocoa. Hazelnut flavour. With sweetener.

Ingredients: sweetener – maltitols; shea butter, 13% whey protein concentrate (from milk), 10% roasted hazelnuts, 7% fat-reduced cocoa, skimmed milk powder, sunflower oil, flavourings, emulsifier – lecithins (rapeseed).

Allergen information: the product may contain other nutssesame seedscereals containing glutencrustaceans and eggs.