Real Pharm Red Speed 90 tabs

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Supplementation with this unique formula of energising ingredients will give you power and motivation both for work and exercises that additionally strain your body.

Real Pharm’s Red Speed supplement in tablets has been designed for professional athletes and enthusiasts of an active lifestyle, but also for anyone exposed to heavy physical and mental effort during their everyday work.

The supplement contains top quality guarana extract, caffeine, glucuronolactone and inositol – that’s why it guarantees the strongest and long lasting effects.

With Red Speed you will improve functioning of your tired body and regain vital energy.

See for yourself that no other supplement can guarantee so strong and long lasting effects that will let you utilize 200% of your capabilities and overcome any challenges you encounter!

Red Speed will let you avoid drinking too much coffee, which has bad effect on your kidneys and leads to deficiencies of minerals, including magnesium, which is crucial for the proper functioning of your muscles.

The product does not contain harmful substances such as sugars, sweeteners, dyes or preservatives that are present in energy drinks. Therefore it gives you energy to act in a way that’s safe for your health!

If you wish to achieve the maximum stimulating effect, then Red Speed will meet your expectations.

Choose quality and reliability of this outstanding composition of active ingredients that will let you achieve even more in your training and also during other activities!


– Better endurance and immediate reduction of tiredness

– Improved concentration and memory

– Maximum focus during performed activities

– Improved alertness and reflex

– Additional dose of energy


Neem 3 maal daags 1 tablet. De maximale dosering van 3 tabletten per dag niet overschrijden.


Actieve ingrediënten     1 tablet 2 tabs
Guaranazaad (Paullinia cupana)
extract gestandaardiseerd op 22% cafeïne
300 mg(66 mg cafeïne) 600 mg(132 mg)



134 mg 268 mg
Inositol 10 mg 20 mg
10 mg 20 mg



Vulstof – cellulose, extract van Paullinia cupana guaranazaad, cafeïne, inositol, glucuronolacton, antiklontermiddelen – siliciumdioxide, magnesiumzouten van vetzuren.

Het product kan: melk, soja, glutenbevattende granen, eieren, pinda’s en noten bevatten.

WAARSCHUWINGEN: Men dient de aanbevolen dagelijkse dosis niet te overschrijden. Het product mag niet gebruikt worden als vervanging voor een gevarieerd dieet. Het product is niet bestemd voor kinderen, zwangere en borstvoedende vrouwen. Een gevarieerde, evenwichtige voeding en een gezonde zijn belangrijk.